Ability Services - Building On Strengths

Welcome and Overview

Ability specializes in serving children and adults with Learning and Attention Differences (LAD) and their families. We offer mental health counseling services, ADHD evaluations, behavioral interventions, and ADHD coaching. Services are provided individually, in couple and family meetings, or in a group format. We also occasionally offer workshops and training for professionals and the general public.

Our primary office location is in Ashland, but we have a satellite office in Medford. Through a network of community based professionals, we also refer our clients for specialized educational support with learning specialist or educational therapist, to psychologists for neurological and educational testing, to ADHD coaches for coaching services, and to psychiatrists and developmental pediatricians for medication evaluations.

Thank you for your interest in learning more about Ability. We appreciate the opportunity to be of service to our local community.

Clinical Orientation

Four principles define our orientation. They are:
  1. Focusing on Abilities and Gifts - We believe that every individual has special abilities and strengths. While children and adults with differences may need extra support to address their challenges, it is our strengths, interests, and passions that carry us toward success. At Ability we are committed to assisting children and adults in discovering their strengths and using their abilities to build fulfilling, meaningful, and successful lives.
  2. Success and Resilience Factors - Research conducted over the past 15 years has revealed the qualities possessed by successful and resilient adults with neuro-developmental differences. These qualities fall into three general categories.
    1. Self-knowledge - Individuals who are successful have a good understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. They know what types of strategies help them and which types of accommodations are appropriate for them at work, school, and in their personal lives.
    2. Self-Esteem - Successful adults possess high degrees of self-esteem. High self-esteem is frequently the result of effective parenting and positive learning experiences, as well as additional educational and mental health support.
    3. Specific Skill Sets - Successful adults possess specific skills such as realistic goal setting, good emotional coping strategies, effective decision making, problem solving, social and self-advocacy skills. They also have a determination to master their challenges.
    At the Ability we specifically target our interventions to foster the development of these qualities.
  3. A Four-Tiered Conceptual Model - We approach problems and interventions on four levels:
    • Bio-neurological / bio-chemical
    • Psychological and emotional
    • Family interactions
    • Environmental / societal
    To maximize the chances of success, an individual's challenges and the appropriate interventions need to be conceptualized on all four of these levels.
  4. A Commitment to Research-Based Interventions - Our programs and services employ medical protocols and research-based methods with proven efficacy documented in published peer reviewed medical, psychological, or educational journals. When research-based methods are not available, our interventions are guided by the highest clinical standards.

    We believe these four defining principles provide the basis for effective intervention.

    We hope they give you a clear sense of our clinical orientation and philosophy.   If  you  are   interested in  learning  more  about  our    specific  programs   and   services,    please  visit   the Programs and Services section of our website. To learn more about the ten steps we believe essential to attaining success, visit our 10 Steps to Success.