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Staff Biography

Glenn Gelfenbein, MA, is an Oregon Licensed Professional Counselor, a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and a certified ADHD Coach. Glenn has over 30 years in the mental health and human services field. He has worked with hundreds of children, adults, and their families who were struggling with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, learning and attention difficulties, relationship and family disharmony, parental concerns, self-esteem difficulties, anger and violence outbursts, and recovery from all types of abuse. In the Bay Area, he founded and directed a cross-discipline clinic that provided mental health, educational therapy, career counseling, and ADHD coaching to children and adults with learning and attention differences. He has designed several parent and teen psycho-educational programs, including one that was used in the Juvenile Justice system. In Portland, Oregon, he co-founded a State Certified Mental Health Clinic. In addition, he is the former Vice-President of the East Bay Learning Disabilities Association, and board member for the Learning Disabilities Association of California.