Ability Services - Building On Strengths

Step 10

Reaching Your Goals
Children and adults with learning and attention differences face challenges, but with support they can be successful. Part of defining individual success is accepting who you are, recognizing your abilities, and finding your place in life. There are countless adults with differences who have reached their goals by overcoming their challenges. Some famous and successful people with neuro-developmental are Tom Cruise (actor), Ansel Adams (photographer), Jay Leno (television show host), Charles Schwab (businessman), Greg Lugonis (Olympic athlete), Henry Winkler (actor), Albert Einstein (scientist), Nelson Rockefeller (business man and philanthropist), Cher (actress), Agatha Christie (author), Danny Glover (actor), Dr. John R. Horner (paleontologist), Walt Disney (cartoon creator), and many more. Even if you do not become as famous as these individuals, you can live a meaningful, fulfilling, and successful life. Know that with the proper support and effort, you can attain your goals and reach the top of the learning and attention differences Stairway to Successtm.

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