Ability Services - Building On Strengths

Step 4

Educating Yourself
Educating yourself about your learning or attention difference is a critical step in climbing the learning and attention differences Stairway to Successtm. The more you know, the more empowered you will be. While it is important to have skilled professionals working with you, you are ultimately the person in charge. First, learn as much as you can from the person providing you with the diagnosis. This expert can then recommend additional resources for you. Visiting websites, reading articles and books, or attending conferences can all help you learn more about your difference. Contacting advocacy organizations for individuals with learning and attention differences can also be a powerful way to educate your self. These same organizations can connect you with other people living with neuro-developmental differences. (Visit the Resources section of our website for recommended articles and websites, upcoming events, and lists of learning and attention differences advocacy organizations.) The time you spend educating yourself will serve you well.

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